Peab Asfalt one of the biggest construction groups in the Nordic countries, invests heavily in the implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. The most recent environmental act from Peab Asfalt’s was the start of ECO-Asfalt™ production in Finland this spring. In ECO-Asfalt™ manufacturing process Peab Asfalt has switched to fossil-free fuels to reduce the climate impact of asphalt.

The pilot, which has just started, is investigating the possibility of replacing some of the bitumen used as a binder in asphalt production with lignin produced from sawdust at St1’s Cellunolix® biorefinery in Kajaani. The raw material used is sawdust from the residue of the local sawmill industry, so there is no need to cut down any trees. According to preliminary estimates, bitumen can be replaced by lignin by up to 50%, which improves the carbon footprint compared to bitumen.

Lignin has been tested in laboratory conditions for approximately 1.5 years. The pilot sites will be used to test the functionality and durability of asphalt also in winter conditions e.g. in St1’s distribution station at Kangasniemi, Finland. Continue to the original story*…


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