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Lignin-based graphene from Domtar and USDA

Domtar’s Biomaterials team in collaboration with United States Department of Agriculture’s Forest Products Laboratory have developed a way to produce graphene from lignin. Graphene, made up of a single layer of graphite, is remarkably strong and light. A sheet of… Continue Reading →

Domtar introduces lignin pellets in collaboration with National Research Council Canada (NRC)

Domtar’s research team developed lignin pellets and lignin-polymer compound pellets in collaboration with National Research Council Canada (CNC). They have recently installed a demonstration plant in Ontorio to further develop lignin pellets as a bioalternative to plastic and chemicals as… Continue Reading →

BC Innovation Council awards innovation grant for lignin-based filaments

British Columbia’s BC Innovation Council has awarded $300,000 for the development of lignin-based filaments through their fourth Ignite Awards. The grant went to Darrel Fry from Advanced BioCarbon 3D and Jason Taylor from Selkirk College. They will be developing biodegradable 3D… Continue Reading →

Researchers develop lignin-based binder for primer formulations

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Bremen have developed lignin-based binder to be used in paint primer formulations. So far, the focus has been producing lignin monomeric starting materials that has the same… Continue Reading →

Hardwood and sulfur-free pulping process at Domtar’s Kingsport Mill

Domtar has been operating a commercial-scale lignin separation plant at its Plymouth, North Carolina mill and the  mill produces BioChoice lignin which can used in variety of applications such as adhesives, dispersants and fuel additives. Domtar has now been exploring… Continue Reading →

Resolute Forest Products plant to be home to new thermo-mechanical-pulp bio-refinery

Resolute Forest Products plant in Thunder Bay together with FP Innovations is going to be home to a $21-million project to extract bio-chemicals from wood that could potentially replace petroleum-based chemicals found in everyday products such as plastics and insulation. The… Continue Reading →

Attis receives $3 million grant from USDA for their lignin technology

Meridian Waste Solutions Inc., recently announced the award of  $3 million grant from USDA to support the commercialization of  patented and patent-pending lignin conversion and refining technologies owned by Attis Innovations Inc, Meridian’s subsidiary. Attis’ AST-Organosolv process uses the technology developed… Continue Reading →

RISE announces breakthrough for lignin-based biofuels

The Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) reports that through BioLi2.0 project they have successfully extracted and upgraded lignin into a product that can be mixed with current fossil based fuels. The team managed to mix lignin up to 30 percent with… Continue Reading →

Sweetwater Energy presents lignin-based activated carbon to market

Sweetwater Energy has created a biomass conversion technology, producing pure form of lignin that works as a raw material for high-quality activated carbons. This native-lignin can be carbonized and activated to produce high-end powdered activated carbons for municipal potable water… Continue Reading →

Borregaard and Borg Havn are set to build new lignin warehouse in Norway

Borregaard and Borg Havn will be building a modern, sustainable lignin warehouse in Øra, Norway. The press release states that, according to pre-project studies, the warehouse will be 17,000 square meters in size. The new centralized warehouse will make the logistics more… Continue Reading →

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