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Sweetwater Energy licences MetGen’s groundbreaking lignin fraction technology

Sweetwater Energy,Inc., a renewable bio-products producer based in Rochester NY, has signed a licensing and joint technology development agreement with the Finnish company MetGen Oy.  The collaboration is expected to open doors in developing high value lignin-based products ranging from… Continue Reading →

Montisera was awarded the Most Promising Growth Company of the Finnish Bioeconomy

Montisera, one of our Lignin Club members, was awarded the Most Promising Growth Company of the Finnish Bioeconomy at Kasvu Open 2017. Kasvu Open gathers growth professionals, investors and other partners together into one solid network, where growth companies have an opportunity… Continue Reading →

Concrete plasticisers from lignin

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed a novel technology, LigniOx, to convert lignin water-soluble by means of oxygen oxidation. VTT’s water-soluble lignin has proven to work particularly well as a concrete plasticiser, outperforming commercial lignosulphonate-based plasticisers. VTT continues… Continue Reading →

Sappi partners with CellMark for lignin sales

Sappi Biotech, the world’s largest producer of lignosulphonates and a Lignin Club member, has appointed CellMark as the non-exclusive sales agent for Sappi’s Hansa lignin products. The Hansa lignin product family includes different types of lignosulphonates produced in liquid and… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Lignin Club website!

Welcome to the official website of the Lignin Ecosystem project! The Lignin ecosystem accelerates lignin market creation and empowers the success of end-user applications. The project is coordinated by Pöyry Management Consulting and funded by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation,… Continue Reading →

Nordic pulp makers active in kraft lignin

Lignin Club members Stora Enso, Metsä Fibre, UPM and Pöyry are highlighted in Reuters’ recent article on Nordic pulp makers and their activities in bioproducts. Stora Enso has signed its first order of lignin with a glue manufacturer, Metsä Fibre… Continue Reading →

VTT has developed CatLignin technology for producing reactive lignin

One of the Lignin Club members, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, has developed a technology known as “CatLignin” to produce reactive lignin to be used as a replacement for toxic phenol compounds in wood adhesives that are widely used… Continue Reading →

Full afternoon of lignin talks at NWBC 2017!

The 7th Nordic Wood Biorefinery conference in Stockholm later this month features a full afternoon of lignin presentations and discussions from renowned lignin experts including Pöyry’s Dr. Petri Vasara as well as Dr. Tiina Liitiä and Dr. Hanne Wikberg from… Continue Reading →

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