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Stora Enso partners with Vogue Scandinavia for eco-friendly fashion media

Stora Enso and Vogue Scandinavia have formed a strategic partnership to replace plastics in magazine packaging. As a part of the partnership, Stora Enso will provide Vogue Scandinavia with sustainability and packaging design expertise. A renewable, carbon neutral eco-package concept… Continue Reading →

Stora Enso launches bio-based binder for safe and healthy everyday living

Stora Enso is today launching its latest lignin-based innovation, NeoLigno® by Stora Enso. NeoLigno is a fully bio-based binder system without formaldehyde and isocyanates, thus, providing healthier indoor and working environments. Continue to original story…

Genetically engineered bacteria boost lignin utilisation – a new study receives €1.3 million

Tampere University’s researcher Suvi Santala received significant funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to study the utilisation of lignin. In a five-year biotechnology research project, Santala and her group will develop breakthrough technologies to recycle lignin from plant biomass that… Continue Reading →

News Release: Groundbreaking Research into White-Rot Fungi Proves Its Value in Carbon Sequestration from Lignin

A foundational study conducted by scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL) shows for the first time that white-rot fungi are able to use carbon captured from lignin as a carbon source. Continue to original story…

RenCom Announces Company Name Change to Lignin Industries AB

Swedish RenCom AB today announced that it will begin operating under a new name and be known as Lignin Industries. Continue to original story…

Montinutra got an industrial anchor investor Metsä Spring on board.

Metsä Spring invests in Montinutra, a startup that commercialises wood extracts. Continue to original story…

Lab-grown wood could be future of furniture

Ashley Beckwith, lead author of the study, said her hope is that lab-grown wood could one day supplement traditional forestry methods. Her team is growing the wood by using a 3D-printed gel to mould plant cells into the desired shape…. Continue Reading →

SWEETWOODS delivers first tons of high purity lignin and wood sugars

The flagship of SWEETWOODS has reached its first milestones with industrially representative samples of high purity lignin and wood sugars available at the ton scale for testing at novel value chains. Continue to original story…

Straw-based textile fibre by Fortum Bio2X debuts in an international fashion event

A fashion collection made of Bio2™Textile, the straw-based textile fibre developed by Fortum Bio2X, will premiere in the online event of one of the most significant fashion weeks for men, Pitti Uomo. The collection was designed by an award-winning Finnish… Continue Reading →

RenCom starts production of lignin-based material Renol®, to replace fossil-based plastics, with a capacity of more than 1000 tonnes/year

RenCom’s patented technology is based on lignin, a by-product from the forest industry, transforming it into a high-performance renewable material that will replace plastics. Renol® can be used in ratios up to 50 % in applications such as films (shopping… Continue Reading →

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