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Sekab and Praj Industries collaborates to produce sustainable biofuels and chemicals

Sekab E-technology AB and Praj industries, India have signed a collaboration agreement to develop and commercialize CelluAPP® technology platform developed by Sekab to produce biofuels and biochemicals. Praj Industries operates in over 75 countries and experienced in delivering ethanol production… Continue Reading →

Stora Enso and Cordenka to develop bio-based carbon fiber materials

Stora Enso and Cordenka have signed a joint development agreement to develop precursors for bio-based carbon fiber production. Stora Enso has been developing bio-based carbon fiber production from e.g. dissolving pulp and lignin at laboratory scale. The joint development with… Continue Reading →

Coperion supports RenCom in production of lignin-based biomaterial “Renol”

RenCom will be using Coperion’s twin screw extrusion system to produce RENOL®. Starting late 2020, RenCom aims to produce up to 1000 ton RENOL®. RenCom’s patented technology converts lignin into renewable and biodegradable biomaterial that can substitute fossil based plastics. Continue to original story…… Continue Reading →

Bloom Biorenewables secures 2.9M€ fundraising for pilot scale production and signs partnership agreement with Yokogawa

Lead investment from Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a worldwide leader in automation of industrial production processes,  brings Bloom Biorenewables seed funding round to a total of 2.9M€. Bloom’s patented technology prevents lignin from condensing during extraction. The investment will be used… Continue Reading →

Avantium awarded €0.5 million funding to develop lignin based asphalt

In the Netherlands, Avantium awarded €0.5 million through their participation in the CHAPLIN XL project funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to develop lignin as a substitute for fossil-based bitumen in asphalt. Avantium’s Dawn technology converts agricultural and forestry residues… Continue Reading →

Canada launches EOI aiming for $1 million joint investment for lignin

In Canada, Nextfor launched a series of forums targeting lignin product development in Canada and Ontario. Industry leaders identified three lignin opportunity areas for commercialization: Polymers & Fine Chemicals, Resins & Adhesives and Thermoplastics & Composites. An EOI have been… Continue Reading →

Sekab and Peab Asfalt replaces a fraction of bitumen with softwood lignin

Sekab and Peab Asfalt replaced a fraction of the oil-based bitumen with softwood lignin on a road in Sweden. Peab Asfalt and Sekab are one of the eleven partners of the EU industrial development project Rewofuel. As part of the… Continue Reading →

UPM invests 550 MEUR to develop sustainable solutions

UPM enters the biochemicals business by investing in a biorefinery at Leuna, Germany. The refinery will focus on producing wood-based biochemicals including bio-monoetyhlene glycol (MEG) and lignin-based functional fillers. In addition, the biorefinery will produce bio-monopropylene glycol (BioMPG) and industrial… Continue Reading →

Frost & Sullivan awards MetGen for its enzyme technologies

Frost & Sullivan has awarded MetGen with the 2019 European Technology Innovation Awards for its enzyme technologies. The award goes to MetGen’s METNIN™ and ENZINE® .  METNIN™ facilitates complete lignin valorisation while  ENZINE®  can be used to improve any enzyme during… Continue Reading →

CH-Bioforce’s new article emphasizes lignin as a climate-neutral raw material

CH-Bioforce, a Lignin Club member, has released a new article emphasizing the increasing focus from the industry towards renewable and biodegradable raw materials. The company with their fractionation technology produces dissolving pulp, polymeric hemicellulose and sulphur-free lignin from biomass close to their natural… Continue Reading →

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