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Bio-based coating for wood outperforms traditional synthetic options

Researchers turn a non-toxic residue into wood coating that resists abrasion, stain, and sunlight. Continue to the original story…

Praj Industries has announced development of technology to produce lignin based bio-bitumen

Praj Industries has announced that it has developed a technology to produce Bio-bitumen based on lignin. The Netherlands-based Circular Biobased Delta, one of Europe’s consortia to promote bioeconomy, has approved Praj’s Bio-bitumen samples processed from Purified Lignin, as a part… Continue Reading →

The one with 3D printed furniture from sawdust and lignin

Indeed, according to a filing back in October of 2020, the company’s gross assets acquisition showed a price of $2.5 million USD, including a $2 million in cash considerations. Now, Desktop Metal has introduced Forust as its new portfolio manufacturing… Continue Reading →

Genetically engineered bacteria boost lignin utilisation – a new study receives €1.3 million

Tampere University’s researcher Suvi Santala received significant funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to study the utilisation of lignin. In a five-year biotechnology research project, Santala and her group will develop breakthrough technologies to recycle lignin from plant biomass that… Continue Reading →

News Release: Groundbreaking Research into White-Rot Fungi Proves Its Value in Carbon Sequestration from Lignin

A foundational study conducted by scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL) shows for the first time that white-rot fungi are able to use carbon captured from lignin as a carbon source. Continue to original story…

RenCom Announces Company Name Change to Lignin Industries AB

Swedish RenCom AB today announced that it will begin operating under a new name and be known as Lignin Industries. Continue to original story…

Lab-grown wood could be future of furniture

Ashley Beckwith, lead author of the study, said her hope is that lab-grown wood could one day supplement traditional forestry methods. Her team is growing the wood by using a 3D-printed gel to mould plant cells into the desired shape…. Continue Reading →

RenCom starts production of lignin-based material Renol®, to replace fossil-based plastics, with a capacity of more than 1000 tonnes/year

RenCom’s patented technology is based on lignin, a by-product from the forest industry, transforming it into a high-performance renewable material that will replace plastics. Renol® can be used in ratios up to 50 % in applications such as films (shopping… Continue Reading →

A new way to make wood transparent, stronger and lighter than glass

The conventional method for making wood transparent involves using chemicals to remove the lignin—a process that takes a long time, produces a lot of liquid waste and results in weaker wood. In this new effort, the researchers have found a… Continue Reading →

Edible shock- and heat-resistant wood foam could replace plastic packaging

A new bio-based material could replace substances such as Styrofoam and bubble wrap. Artificial intelligence is being used to the development of the material. Continue to original story…

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